Why SMI?

Academic Reputation

An honours degree in three academic years conferred from a world renowned University of London and approved at level 6 of the Malta Qualifications Framework by the NCFHE.

Quality Education

Individual attention by highly qualified lecturers in groups of less than 25 students. Excellent achievements by past students with 40% First Class Honours awarded each year for the past ten years.


No tuition fees payable during the three years of study, with tuition fees payable after you finish your degree AND refunded through the GetQualified scheme. Stipends and Maintenance Grants like University of Malta students. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Employment Opportunities

Develop skills such as problem solving, analysis and self-motivation which are sought after by top employer's worldwide.

SMI Alumni


Daniel Charles Schembri

Game Developer - Rockstar Games (Scotland)

"Being a musician, I started programming for interactive installations with other artists in Malta while working on my degree at SMI. Currently I am working at Rockstar Games in Scotland. The knowledge and skills I gained assist me to develop audio tools used by world class audio teams."


Emma Micallef

Financial Officer - Ixaris Systems Ltd

"At St. Martin's, priority was always given to enhancing student's employability. It was thanks to these opportunities, provided by the Institute, that I was offered employment as a Finance Officer with Ixaris Systems Ltd. immediately upon graduation."                                                            


Jonathan Grumley

Associate - PWC

"Upon graduation, I immediately joined PWC in Malta, where today I form part of the audit and assurance practice. The studies I underwent, equipped me with the analytical and critical thinking tools which I find very useful in my work today."


Hein Chetcuti

Operational Business Strategist - Malta Free Port

"The programme structures at St. Martin's and their professional delivery, surely were influential factors in my professional growth. I strongly believe that my academic background, coupled with my professional experience and interpersonal characteristics, have all allowed me to function as a consultant in various organisational contexts."

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