Why SMI?

Academic Reputation

An honours degree in three academic years conferred from a world renowned University of London and approved at level 6 of the Malta Qualifications Framework by the NCFHE.

Quality Education

Individual attention by highly qualified lecturers in groups of less than 30 students. Excellent achievements by past students with 40% First Class Honours awarded each year for the past ten years.


No tuition fees payable until you finish your degree AND 70% refunded through the GetQualified scheme. Stipends and Maintenance Grants like University of Malta students. Terms & conditions apply.

Employment Opportunities

Excellent employment record for our alumni. Attained skills such as problem solving, analysis and self-motivation which are sought after by top employers worldwide.

SMI Alumni


Daniel Charles Schembri

Game Developer - Rockstar Games (Scotland)

"Being a musician, I started programming for interactive installations with other artists in Malta while working on my degree at SMI. Currently I am working at Rockstar Games in Scotland. The knowledge and skills I gained assist me to develop audio tools used by world class audio teams."


Emma Micallef

Financial Officer - Ixaris Systems Ltd

"At St. Martin's, priority was always given to enhancing student's employability. It was thanks to these opportunities, provided by the Institute, that I was offered employment as a Finance Officer with Ixaris Systems Ltd. immediately upon graduation."                                                            


Jonathan Grumley

Associate - PWC

"Upon graduation, I immediately joined PWC in Malta, where today I form part of the audit and assurance practice. The studies I underwent, equipped me with the analytical and critical thinking tools which I find very useful in my work today."


Hein Chetcuti

Operational Business Strategist - Malta Free Port

"The programme structures at St. Martin's and their professional delivery, surely were influential factors in my professional growth. I strongly believe that my academic background, coupled with my professional experience and interpersonal characteristics, have all allowed me to function as a consultant in various organisational contexts."

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